How to properly set a child-theme

Here is a tutorial of how to create a Child Theme :

1) Login to FTP using a FTP client like Filezilla ;

2) Access your `WP installation/wp-content/themes/novelty`;

3) Find and copy on local storage the style.css file from the theme folder;

4) Step back to themes folder and create a folder named novelty-child (parent and child themes must be located in the same folder)

5) Open/Edit the style.css file from your local storage you just copied and add/edit the following lines :

Theme Name: Novelty Child
Template: novelty
Text Domain: novelty-child

These are required lines for child-theme declaration;

6) Move the style.css you've just edited to novelty-child folder;

7) Go to `Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> (activate) Novelty Child`

8) Copy all your customized files to child theme (`Do not forget to maintain folder structure`)

By making changes in child theme you will overwrite the files from parent themes and you wont have trouble (loosing your customization) after theme updates

P.S. By the way, here is the most detailed explanation offered by Wordpress

Hope this will really help you in protect your changes !

 Notice! In this article we took as reference the Novelty theme

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