How to set the logo?

For Themes with Tesla Framework :

Our TeslaFramework allows you to use image or text logo. You can set your logo from the Admin Panel – General Options (screenshot attached).

For themes without Tesla Framework: 

To change Logo size , for e.g. Belle Theme :

You will have to edit some code to remove the logo limitations of the design .

  1. Open header.php in a code/text editor
  2. Search for line 43 <div class="span2"> change the number to e.g. <div class="span4"> .
  3. Search for line 79 <div class="span10"> decrease the number as much as you increased it in the previous step ( in our e.g. its by 2 ) so <div class="span8"> So that in total you should always have 12
  4. Add the following CSS either to your child theme’s css or THEME_ROOT/css/style.css (use custom css field for themes with Teslaframework) :

    .logo img {
        max-height: none !important;
        max-width:none !important;

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